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Bhutan is counted among the least developed countries of the world. The economy is an agriculture based economy and industrialization is at its nascent stage. Cement, wood products, processed fruits and alcoholic beverages are the main industries of Bhutan, Bhutan's artisans are skilled workers in metals, wood and slate carving, and clay sculpture as well as the traditional industries of textiles and handicrafts

The Bhutanese government is also cautious about undertaking wholesale industrialization because of its strong commitment to environmental and cultural issues.


The currency is the Nu (the Ngultrum) which is interchangeable with the Indian Rupee.

Foreign tourists pay a visitor’s fee of $250 each per day (and this applies to all non- Indian visitors). The majority of this money goes to the citizens of Bhutan through education and health provisions. In Bhutan, healthcare is free for both residents as well as visitors.

This fee is “all inclusive” and itineraries can be personalized to suit your individual interests.


A must-try in Bhutan is indulging in the chili-filled Bhutanese cuisine and yak butter beer as these will complete any visit in Bhutan


Bhutan is famous for its vibrant and colourful festivals. Festivals are celebrated virtually all year round and the festivals reflect the rich Bhutan culture. Dances are performed by the Buddhist monks to protect the valleys and ward off evil spirits with vibrant clothes and pieces of jewellery displayed during the carnivals.

Buddhist festivals are the time for the conservative and religious Buddhist followers to celebrate and socialize. The most famous are the spectacular dance festivals, especially the Paro Tshechu, which is a religious festival normally held around February and March.

Bhutan is known for enacting interesting tales of a religious and historical through dances, wherein the dancers wear colourful wooden masks and special costumes create a splendid display of heroes, demons, animals, gods, and caricatures of common people.

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