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Interesting facts about Bhutan

Bhutan translates to “Edge of the Earth.”

Bhutan is the first country in the world with specific constitutional obligations on its people to protect the environment. Among its requirements: at least 60 per cent of the nation must remain under forest cover at all times.

One-third of Bhutan’s population is under the age of 14; its median age is 23.4 years.

Thimpu is one of just two capital cities in Asia that does not have a single traffic light. The other is Pyongyang, North Korea. The residents complained it was impersonal and the lights were immediately replaced by a white gloved police person! There was such public outcry when local officials installed a single signal that it was quickly removed, and a traffic officer was re-assigned to the intersection.

Bhutan is the only nation in the world where the sale of tobacco is banned.

At 24,840 feet, Gangkhar Puensum is the highest point in Bhutan – and the highest unclimbed mountain in the world.

Anyone found guilty of killing a highly endangered and culturally sacred black-necked crane could be sentenced to life in prison.

Bhutan is one of the last countries in the world to introduce television to its people. The government lifted a ban on TV – and on the Internet – only in 1999. Bhutan had no telephones until 1989 and no internet and TV until 1999. However by 2002, it was noticed that the crime rate in Bhutan had increased appreciably, and the introduction of cable television is alleged to be responsible for the spurt in crime

A Bhutanese is not allowed to wear pants while visiting government offices, and during official and religious functions.

The Bhutanese created a 3 D stamp in the form of a record that actually plays!

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Interesting facts about Bhutan
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