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An introduction to Bhutan- Druk Yul Land of the Thunder Dragon


Bhutan is a magical kingdom steeped in myth, folklore and legend. Bhutan’s isolation in the folds of the mighty Himalaya, has served to preserve its pristine environment and harmonious society, and Bhutan is therefore often referred to as the last Shangri-La.

This tiny landlocked country sits in the shadows of the snow peaked Himalayas, nestled between its two giant neighbours, China and India. Despite the increasing influences of the outside world, Bhutan remains one of the most secluded and least developed nations in the world, where foreigners are not permitted to travel to many of its areas to minimise the effects of tourism on the local culture. This helps to preserve its rich cultural heritage.

The high value-low volume tourism policy is an example of the Bhutanese Government’s determination to preserve the country’s cultural identity and uniqueness. Sustainable socio-economic development, preservation and promotion of culture and tradition, preservation and protection of natural environment are fundamental to Government policy.
Bhutan has chosen to follow a path of cautious and considered development. The Bhutanese people are positively embracing change whilst remaining intent on retaining its soul. It is a country where the pursuit of’ Gross National Happiness’ is considered to be the only true purpose of Government and more important than the pursuit of ‘Gross National Product’.

Buddhist country

This holistic approach to life has given Bhutan a different look and feel, and Bhutan is undoubtedly a visual and spiritual feast for all visitors. It is a preserved Buddhist country where you will savour the xxx and warm hospitality of the Dragon Kingdom people.

You can choose to enjoy Bhutan’s natural beauty and tranquility. You can enjoy sacred sites, tranquil landscapes or trek to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery. In traditional villages, you can uncover local medicine, folk arts and traditional markets, or you can choose to experience the colour and excitement of one of Bhutan’s famous festivals.

Personalized itineraries can be arranged with your own local guide to suit your own personal interests. Why not choose to join the few who have experienced the distinct and remarkable kingdom, and help to be part of their unique and remarkable journey.

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